Welcome to Restpadd

When an opportunity arose in early 2012, Restpadd and its founder chose to partner with Shasta County to help meet the mental health needs of the community. In April 2013, the 16-bed Restpadd Psychiatric Health Facility opened.

Welcome to our website! Restpadd opened right here in Redding on April 2013. We are now able to give patients the treatment they need without having to leave the North State. This is a wonderful benefit for both patients and their families. We invite you to browse our website so you can learn more about us and the services we offer!

Restpadd Psychiatric Health Facility (inpatient) offers services to adults, 18 years and older. At Restpadd, we focus on patient’s strengths as we individualize their treatment plans; promote active family involvement and effective collaboration with their caregivers and support system. Our goal is to return our patients back to the Community as quickly as clinically appropriate.
Safety is a paramount priority at Restpadd. Restriction to visitations could be prescribed based on safety reasons and just cause. Restpadd ensures compliance with the California Mental Health Regulations and Patient Rights.
  • Any questions about Patients Rights and Advocacy services for Mental Health clients in Shasta County may be directed to the Patients Rights Office at: 530-225-5973.
  • Any questions about Patients Rights and Advocacy services for Mental Health clients in other Counties may be accessed by visiting that Counties Mental Health websites.
  • The Office of Patients Rights is responsible for investigating complaints/concerns about mental health treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting.
Admission Criteria: Patients will be admitted to Restpadd when they require behavioral or psychiatric care. Medical clearance of psychiatric patients refers to the initial medical evaluation of patients usually in the ER to determine if they have serious underlying medical somatic conditions which would render their admission to a psychiatric health facility unsafe or inappropriate.
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